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New York City is sinking fast, skyscrapers in world’s richest city are the reason, geologist warns



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Coastal cities around the world are facing the problem.
New York City 1-2 mm per year. drowns.
The result came out after examining one lakh buildings in New York.

New York. The richest city in the world, New York, is continually collapsing. The city, known worldwide for its skyscrapers, faces a triple threat from climate change, rising sea levels and its growing weight of high-rise buildings. As the world continues to warm and sea levels rise around the world, coastal cities are becoming increasingly vulnerable. Scientists have indicated that ever-increasing construction load and rising sea levels increase the risk of flooding. This triggers a subsidence condition, causing the city to collapse.

A similar phenomenon was recently observed in the city of Joshimath in Uttarakhand, India, where houses developed massive cracks. In a study published in the journal Advancing Earth and Space Science, researchers shed light on how New York City is dealing with an increased risk of sea level rise and storm surges. natural and anthropogenic. Using New York as an example, the research team showed how coastal cities around the world are coping with the problem.

1-2mm per year. sinking of new york city
Researchers from the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island said that “New York is emblematic of the rise of coastal cities around the world, which have been seen sinking. Which means it seems there have a shared global challenge of defending against the growing threat of flooding. New York City has a population of 8 million and receives 1-2 mm of precipitation annually. is sinking. While in some of its areas, very rapid subsidence is observed The surface geology of New York is complex glacial terrain and consists of lake silt, sand and clay deposits.

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Flood devastation in New York
New York City already faces great challenges related to flood risk. Because the risk of sea level rise along the Atlantic coast of North America is three to four times higher than the global average. Research indicated that by the year 2100, 500 to 1,500 mm in New York. A sag is expected up. The researchers analyzed one million buildings in a collective calculation to create the city’s load profile. However, it was not possible to know the exact foundation of each of these buildings. New York City has already experienced two devastating hurricanes. Due to which there was severe flooding in the city. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy flooded the city with sea water. While in 2021, heavy rains from Hurricane Ida affected the drainage system.

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