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New York’s smog teaches a bitter lesson, climate change is not limited by borders



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Pollution in New York City has reached record levels due to smoke from wildfires in Canada.
Europe has also faced problems due to forest fires in Canada.
This incident shows that we must all face climate change together.

The reason for the increase in pollution in cities is the smoke coming from fossil fuel vehicles. In this, poor traffic management, weather causes complications. But recently, for a different reason, we have seen the state of a big city deteriorate. But pollution is not the problem of one country in particular, it is a common problem for the whole world. An example of this is seen in New York, America, where smoke from Canadian wildfires is breaking records for pollution levels in the city. This incident shows that the effects of climate change go beyond borders and that we all need to solve this problem together.

the wind has turned orange
New York has suddenly reached such levels of pollution that the situation there has become very bad and all the air in New York has turned orange and the atmosphere of New York and the reason for the deterioration are in the headlines of the world and pollution levels In India, it even left cities like Delhi behind.

climate change alert
Because of this twilight, people not only have difficulty seeing. He has trouble breathing and he feels bad because of the uncomfortable smell. Because of this, air flights from the city have been canceled and all activities outside homes have come to a halt. Many people on social media have described the situation as March. People, including the US president, are also calling it a warning of the disastrous consequences of climate change.

Canada’s problem is also America’s problem
The reason for this sudden increase in pollution is believed to be smoke from forest fires in Canada. US President Joe Biden said in a statement that millions of Americans are feeling the smoke from the devastating wildfires spreading across Canada and this is another stark warning of the effects of climate change. Biden also said he was sending additional resources to help with efforts to stop the fires in Canada.

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The reason for the deteriorating air in New York is the smoke from the fire in the forests of eastern Canada. (Representative photo: Wikimedia Commons)

this happens in many places
This type of incident does not happen for the first time. Europe also continues to suffer from the smoke from the Canadian fire. In India, the burning of stubble in the fields around Delhi is making pollution in the country’s capital unbearable. Such examples are seen all over the world. But what you have to understand is that there are more cries when a city suffers the consequences harshly.

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problem in canada
Generally, there is a possibility of fire in the forests of the western region of Canada during the summer season. But this time, the fire broke out in the province of Quebec where there are less fire possibilities. Eastern Canada receives moist air from the Atlantic Ocean and the fire does not spread here in the hardwood forests. But factors such as low air humidity, lack of rain and extreme heat have made eastern Canada prone to fires this year, and human factors may have started the blaze. , which spread to a larger area this time.

Climate change, environment, USA, research, pollution, New York, New York Haze, Canada, wildfires, wildfires in Canada, smoke, smog,

Wildfires are more common in western North America. (Representative photo: Wikimedia Commons)

This fire may not go out anytime soon
It wouldn’t be fair to expect this fire to be extinguished anytime soon. The area is so vast that human efforts are not enough to extinguish it. Experts say that to put out this fire, you have to wait for the weather to change. At the same time, human efforts can only reduce the loss. On the contrary, it should come as no surprise that it takes months to extinguish the fire.

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What needs to be understood is that over the past few decades, many of the world’s forests are facing severe fires every summer season. Of these, the names of forests in Australia and western North America come first. Forest fires are becoming commonplace in western regions of the North American continent. But the fire in the eastern regions gives a different, but serious signal. There is no doubt that the reason is climate change and global warming.

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