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New Zealand: Chris Hipkins to become new PM, replace Jacinda Ardern, winning Labor in election will be big challenge



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Chris Hipkins is set to replace Jacinda Ardern as New Zealand’s next prime minister.
Chris Hipkins’ name is expected to be confirmed at a meeting of 64 Labor MPs on Sunday.
Taking everyone by surprise, current PM Jacinda Ardern announced her resignation.

wellingtons. Chris Hipkins is set to replace Jacinda Ardern as New Zealand’s next prime minister after becoming the sole candidate for Labor leader. The Labor Party said on Saturday that Chris Hipkins is expected to be confirmed as the new leader at a meeting of the 64 Labor Party MPs, or caucus, on Sunday. While surprising everyone on Thursday, in one of her announcements, current Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she would step down as the country’s prime minister and no longer contest the election.

Chris Hipkins (44), first elected to Parliament for the Labor Party in 2008, was appointed Minister for COVID-19 in November 2020. After that his name became household name by implementing government measures for Corona outbreak. Hipkins is currently Minister of Police, Education and Civil Service as well as House Leader. A poll by local media organization Stuff showed Chris Hipkins was the most popular candidate for prime minister among voters, with support from 26% of those involved. Labor MPs are expected to complete formalities to confirm Hipkins’ election at a meeting on Sunday afternoon.

Ardern has become New Zealand’s youngest prime minister, will step down, made headlines after mosque attack, reason given

Current PM Jacinda Ardern will tender her resignation to the Governor General before Chris Hipkins is appointed as PM. Chris Hipkins is due to hold his first press conference on Saturday afternoon. After that, Hipkins will remain Prime Minister until the end of the party’s term. General elections will be held in New Zealand on October 14. Some election surveys have shown that Labor will have to struggle to regain power. According to a survey based on data before PM Jessica Ardern’s announcement, Labor’s popularity has fallen to 31.7%. While the opposition, the New Zealand National Party, won the support of 37.2% of voters.

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