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No seat, no window, only 1 toilet.. Know what the missing submarine looked like from the inside



Boston (United States). The passenger experience aboard the 22ft-long ‘Titan’ submersible, missing for nearly four days near the wreck of the Titanic in a remote area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean, has been likened to chills of horror on the high seas movie or the worst dream. Can be made from The carbon fiber Titan is actually part of an expedition by “Oceangate Expeditions”.

After being deprived of food and water for more than three days, the passengers are now facing a shortage of oxygen. The campaign to and from the wreck of the Titanic, which was only going to last 8 hours, has now grown to over 80 hours. Rescuers are working against the clock, underwater challenges, inclement weather and the vast expanse of the ocean mean that hopes of finding ‘Titan’ grow dim.

According to experts, the best is to search for Titan floating on the surface of the ocean. The vessel is equipped with safety systems designed to bring it to the surface in an emergency, even if the occupants are unconscious. There are five people aboard this missing “submersible” named Titan. These men embarked on an expedition to document the wreck of the sinking ship “Titanic” over a century ago.

As time passes, the world prays for the safe return of the five passengers… So let us tell you what it’s like inside the lost submarine…

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