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North Korea fires ballistic missile for second day in a row, Seoul expresses fear of nuclear test



Seoul: South Korea’s military said North Korea fired another intercontinental ballistic missile into the East Sea on Friday. This is the second time the missile has been launched from Pyongyang in two days. According to Seoul, North Korea has maintained a record launch frenzy in recent days, stoking fears of a nuclear test. South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff reported the missile launch, but did not immediately specify the type or range of the missile. North Korea recently fired hundreds of artillery shells into the sea as South Korea and the United States conducted military drills in the East Sea, some of which also involved Japan.

The day before, North Korea fired a ballistic missile in the East Sea. The launch came just two hours after Pyongyang issued a statement that the United States, along with its allies, was trying to increase its security presence in the region and warned of a “harsh military response”. . To say that Washington “is taking a risk it will regret”. North Korea has carried out a record number of tests this year, which are banned by UN Security Council resolutions. Its missile and nuclear weapons programs are banned.

Earlier on Thursday, North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son Hue warned that the recent US-South Korea-Japan summit agreement on North Korea would further escalate tensions on the Korean peninsula. Cho’s statement was North Korea’s first official response to President Joe Biden’s trilateral summit with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts in Cambodia on Sunday. In their joint statement, the three leaders strongly condemned North Korea’s recent missile tests and agreed to work together to strengthen deterrence. Biden reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to defending South Korea and Japan with all of its capabilities, including nuclear weapons.

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