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North Korea: This step by the eccentric Kim Jong will bring a ‘radioactive tsunami’, a nuclear drone kept in water for 59 hours before being tested



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Latest Exercise Confirms Underwater Nuclear Attack Capability
Nuclear-capable drone testing is part of the 3-day exercise.
The drone remained underwater for more than 59 hours off the country’s east coast before being tested

Seoul. North Korea said on Friday it had tested a nuclear-powered drone capable of striking the sea to generate a large-scale “radioactive tsunami”. Analysts have expressed concern that this weapon could pose a major new threat. But this test shows North Korea’s commitment to nuclear threats.

The test came at a time when the United States plans to deploy an aircraft carrier strike group and other advanced weapons at sea to the Korean Peninsula. Military tensions have been at their peak in recent years, given how weapons are tested by North Korea and the pace of joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea has also increased.

Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency said the new land-deployable weapon “would explode under the sea to create a huge radioactive tsunami and hide in the sea to destroy enemy naval strike groups and major operational ports.” . A KCNA report states that this drone was tested from March 21 to 23. The report claims that the drone remained underwater for more than 59 hours in the eastern coastal region of the country before the test.

The news comes hours after South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol vowed to make amends for North Korea’s “absurd provocation”. The test of a nuclear-capable underwater drone was part of a three-day exercise to conduct nuclear strikes on undisclosed South Korean targets.

KCNA said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw the drills and called on his rivals to be “left behind”. The name of this drone is derived from the Korean word “Heil” which means waves or tsunami. The official North Korean newspaper “Rodong Sinmun” published photos of Kim in which he is seen smiling in front of a large torpedo-shaped object at an undisclosed location.

KCNA said the exercises were intended to warn the United States and South Korea of ​​a “nuclear threat” as their “deliberate, persistent and provocative war drills” continue, which North Korea considers a rehearsal of war. KCNA said the latest exercise confirms North Korea’s ability to launch an underwater nuclear attack.

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