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Not hanged! A transgender woman sentenced to death for the first time… Know what it’s all about



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Death given to a transgender woman for the first time in US history
Ex-girlfriend was charged with murder, transgender woman suffered from mental illness
Amber McLaughlin was in a relationship with girlfriend Beverly Guenther before the gender reassignment.

Washington. In Missouri, USA, a transgender woman has been sentenced to death by injection for the first time. Amber McLaughlin, 49, has been charged with the murder of an ex-girlfriend. According to the AP news agency, this is the first time in American history that a transgender woman has been first sentenced to death and then sentenced to death.

According to a Washington Post report, gender identity was not at the heart of the case. In addition, this case will be the first case of the year 2023, in which the accused received death by injection. However, Ember’s attorney appealed to Missouri Governor Mike Parson to suspend Amber’s sentence. But nothing like that happened in this case.

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What was the problem
Before the gender reassignment, Amber McLaughlin was in a relationship with his girlfriend, Beverly Guenther. After a while, their relationship turned sour. After the relationship turned sour, his girlfriend kept her distance from Amber. After that, he started following the girlfriend. Sometimes she followed him to his office and sometimes she went home. After that, in November 2003, Amber killed his girlfriend.

The request for pardon was given on the basis of illness
In 2016, Amber was convicted in this case after the murder case went to court. He filed a petition with the court for relief from the death penalty. In 2016 the hearing resumed in court and in 2021 the court decision came and in this decision also Amber’s death sentence was upheld. Amber had a condition called gender dysphoria. She also struggled with mental illnesses. Citing this, Amber repeatedly asked for clemency.

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