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Now Kim Jong Un’s dog has caused panic! A throat bone made for the former president of South Korea



Gifted Dogs of Kim Jong-un: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is furious these days. Recently, a long-range cruise missile was tested under his supervision. Now there is news that it may also carry out nuclear tests in the coming months. He constantly threatens America and South Korea with gestures and gestures. Not only that, one of his dogs also became former South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s neck bone. He is said to be considering releasing the dogs he received as a gift from Kim Jong-un 4 years ago.

In 2018, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gave these dogs as a gift to Moon Jae-in after the summit. Moon has bred white Pungsan dogs named Gomi and Songgang since their arrival. And after his term ended in May, he took him to his private residence.

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The dogs are legally owned as state property owned by the President’s Archives. But Moon took these dogs with him as a guardian after advice from the Interior Ministry. An agreement with the Home Office would stipulate that animal care supplies and expenses can be paid for from the state budget. But now Moon’s office says the deal broke down due to “vague opposition” from the administration of his successor, President Eun Suk-yol, and they are giving the dogs back.

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Moon’s office said on Facebook, “The Pungsan Presidential Office is in no mood to hand over dog management to former President Moon. Yun’s office has denied any interference. Yonhap News Agency has reported in March that the new president already had four dogs and three cats.Dogs have always been a symbol of relations between North and South Korea.

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