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Now nature is going to wreak havoc in this country? The disaster is about to happen, the government hastily announced the emergency



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Cyclone Gabriel disrupts life in New Zealand
Floods with landslides in many areas
A national disaster has been declared across the country

New Zealand cyclone: Nature is taking a toll in New Zealand. There is a situation of great devastation due to the cyclone here. Heavy rains and landslides caused by the cyclone forced people to stay indoors. The New Zealand emergency has been declared in the country due to Cyclone Gabrielle. The landing caused landslides as well as flooding across the country. The New Zealand government declared a national emergency on Tuesday after a tropical storm hit the North Island. There is no electricity in thousands of homes due to heavy rains and strong winds. Landslides and heavy rains have disrupted people’s lives. Due to which the Minister for Emergency Management, Kieran McNulty, signed the declaration.

McNulty said it was an unprecedented weather event that was having a major impact on much of the North Island. Floods and landslides have isolated several settlements across the country, including New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. McNulty said “this is a big disaster for the lives of New Zealanders”. He said there is a possibility of more rain and strong winds on Tuesday, due to which emergency services will be disrupted. He said New Zealand was currently going through the worst phase of the storm.

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Emergency imposed for the third time
Let us tell you, this is only the third time New Zealand has declared an emergency. Prior to this, an emergency was also declared during the 2019 Christchurch terror attack and the 2020 Covid outbreak. Flights were halted in New Zealand on Monday due to bad weather. But New Zealand said it expects some services to resume from Tuesday afternoon. Due to the cyclone, the condition of many areas is very poor. People are on the roofs of houses. Prayers are being made across the country that this natural calamity will end soon.

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According to the AFP news agency, roads have been damaged due to flooding in many areas caused by the cyclone. Relief and rescue operations are underway across the country. The New Zealand Fire and Emergency Services are engaged in relief work. Fire services said one firefighter was missing and another was in critical condition after a house collapsed in West Auckland. Heavy water is visible in many places in photos shared on social media. People are sitting on their roofs.

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