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Now that Iranian drones will be made in Russia, what’s the point of getting close to two American enemies?



America is the world’s largest superpower (the United States as a superpower), but in recent years its position has faced challenges. Today, whatever happens in any corner of the world is important for America because it must weigh whether this incident is not against its interests. Recently, America’s keen eyes have turned to many countries, including Russia, Iran, North Korea and China. Recently, Iran and Russia signed an agreement under which drones with Iranian technology will also be manufactured in Moscow. The American media gave this news great importance in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

ukraine is not alone
Russia stands behind Ukraine in the Ukrainian war under the leadership of America, NATO which includes most of Europe. In recent years, Russia has strongly opposed Ukraine’s efforts to gain NATO membership. And the result is the Russia-Ukraine war. At present, Western countries, including Europe, are trying to balance the war by supporting Ukraine.

Iranian drone effect
This is why the war was not one-sided, which seems to happen just looking at Ukraine and Russia. Now that Russia is getting the capability of Iranian kamikaze drones, it is believed that Russia’s attack capability will increase significantly. The US Wall Street Journal claims that at least 6,000 drones can be made at this proposed factory near Moscow.

development of new engines
According to the report, a high-level Iranian delegation visited Russia early last month where they discussed the details of starting this project as well as visiting the site. An official familiar with this said that Iran and Russia are developing a new engine for the Shahid-136 drone, which will allow the drone to operate longer and faster.

danger in the middle east
This new engine will be manufactured in the new factory. This report came when the United States announced two months ago that it would set up a joint production line for the deadly drone in December 2022. On this report, a senior official had said that this partnership is not not only a threat to Ukraine but will also be a threat around Iran. Later, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby also confirmed this.

America’s concern
US officials say Iran has already donated hundreds of drones to Russia, which it is using in Russian attacks in Ukraine. The Biden administration has expressed concern about such a defense partnership between Russia and Iran. The White House has said Russia will also supply a Russian jet fighter to Iran later this year.

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