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Now the drinkable Covid-19 vaccine will hit the market, scientists are working fast



New Delhi. These days, scientists are constantly making efforts regarding the corona vaccine. In this episode, scientists make such a corona vaccine, which can be easily drunk. Currently, people need to be injected with available vaccines. But this new vaccine is thought to be a game-changer. There is no information on how long it will be available in the market.

Researchers are looking for types of vaccines that protect us better not only against serious diseases, but also against infections. But money and new vaccine technology could get in their way. So imagine if you had to drink the corona vaccine instead of rolling up your sleeves, how easy it would be. In the next few years, the drinkable vaccine will soon be available on the market.

According to the CNET report, researchers are currently focusing on mucosal vaccines, which include nasal or respiratory vaccines. Also included are oral “Swish and Swallow” vaccines such as QYNDR, which has completed its Phase I clinical trials. Currently, money is needed for the trial and to get the vaccine to market.

The QYNDR vaccine is called “milder,” says Kyle Flanigan, founder of US Specialty Formulations, the maker of QYNDR, because it’s a milder way to administer the vaccine. Scientists are pinning high hopes on New Zealand clinical trials. However, until now, research continues regarding his findings. The first corona vaccine to be administered through the nose will be launched in the country on Republic Day, i.e. January 26. Bharat Biotech will launch its intranasal Covid-19 vaccine INCOVACC. The company’s chairman and chief executive, Krishna Ella, gave the information on Saturday.

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