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Now the new variant of Omicron BA.4.6. Panic is spreading fast in many countries, know all about it



Strong points

A new version of COVID BA.4.6. It is rapidly spreading all over the world.
This variant spreads faster than other Omicron variants.
The only remedy for its prevention is the “booster dose” vaccination.

London: BA.4.6, the form of COVID is the Omicron facelift. Rapid spread in America. Now it has also been confirmed to be spreading in the UK. The UK Health Protection Agency’s (UKSHA) new information document on COVID variants mentions that in the week of August 14, BA.4.6 Variants The UK accounted for 3.3% of cases. But a recent survey showed it accounts for 9% of UK Covid cases with BA.4.6. was responsible. Likewise, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, BA.4.6 now accounts for more than 9% of recent cases in the United States. This variant has also been identified in many other countries around the world. So should we worry about the BA.4.6 variant? Let’s take a look at the information so far…

BA.4.6 Omicron has the same shape as BA.4. BA.4 for the first time in January 2022 South Africa and since then it has spread all over the world with the BA.5 version. How BA.4.6 emerged is not entirely clear, but it is possible that it was a recombinant variant. Recombination occurs when two different types of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) infect the same person at the same time.

While BA.4.6 will be similar to BA.4 in many ways, it carries mutations in the spike protein, a protein on the surface of the virus that allows it to enter our cells. This mutation, R346T, has been observed in other variants and protects the virus from the person’s immunity. In other words, it helps the virus escape the antibodies obtained during vaccination and previous infection.

Severity, infectivity and immune evasion
Luckily, Omicron wasn’t very destructive, but Omicron subvariants spread very quickly. BA.4.6 suppresses the immune power of the body. According to a UKHSA report, BA.4.6 spreads much faster than BA.5 in its initial period. At the same time, according to a report from Oxford University, people who took the dose of Pfizer to protect against Covid, their antibodies have no effect on BA.4.6. Which is worrying. However, to avoid BA.4.6, a booster dose can be quite effective. As the details of this new variant are not yet fully known, we can only rely on the booster dose for the moment.

Vaccination is important
The ramp-up of BA.4.6 and other new variants is a cause for concern. Their new appearance shows that the virus is still among us and is trying to enter our bodies in a new way by breaking the immunity given to us by vaccination.

But vaccination Provides good protection against serious diseases. It is still the best weapon to fight against COVID. bivalent recall The recent approval is good news for us. Additionally, the development of multicomponent coronavirus vaccines that target multiple variants may provide longer-lasting protection.

A recent study showed that through the nose A multicomponent coronavirus vaccine from the United States has been shown to be more effective on the original form of Covid and its other two forms. New variants, including BA.4.6, are being watched closely as they could cause the next wave of the COVID pandemic. To the public… to prevent the spread of a highly contagious virus, one must be vigilant and follow all public covid rules.

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