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Now the ravages of the storm in America! More than 7,000 canceled flights, thousands of passengers blocked



Washington: After India, now the storm is wreaking havoc in America. On Tuesday, severe storms were reported in many parts of the country, causing more than 7,000 flights to be canceled or delayed. This number is increasing every minute due to the storm across the country. Its greatest impact was felt in the Northeast region. The worst-hit airline is United, with 37% of its flights delayed and 16% canceled.

According to the Forbes report, over the weekend the threat of tornadoes and hurricanes emerged in states like Ohio, Arkansas and Mississippi in the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered the cancellation of thousands of flights over the weekend due to inclement weather in the northeast. Flight cancellations and delays also continued on Tuesday. Last weekend, nearly 26,000 flights on all airlines were delayed and more than 4,000 canceled between Saturday and Monday after storms hit parts of the United States last weekend, data shows. of the FlightAware flight tracking service.

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United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby has blamed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after thousands of flights were canceled due to severe storms. Kirby said the FAA cut arrival rates by 40% and departure rates by 75% on Saturday. Due to which there have been massive delays and flight cancellations. This was further complicated by the lack of staff when the weather turned very bad on Sunday. In a memo to company employees, he said, “I… am disappointed that the FAA egregiously failed us this weekend. More than 150,000 United passengers were affected this weekend.”