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Now the secret will be revealed! Camera trapped in glacier found after 85 years; such a success



Yukon Glacier: Lots of cameras and equipment were found in Yukon Glacier, Canada. These cameras are said to have been buried in the glacier for the past 85 years. Decades-old cameras have been excavated in Kluane National Park in the Yukon for the past two years. All these cameras are from explorer Bradford Washburn. Now conservation experts are going to see if they can redevelop one of the photos from the camera film.

According to the media, in 1937 an American mountaineer Washburn arrived here. Many other people were also present with him. His team camped on Walsh Glacier before heading out to climb Mount Lucania. It is said that before leaving, he left a lot of things in the camp, including many cameras and equipment. These people managed to climb the mountain, but due to bad weather, they never returned to the camp to collect their belongings.

This is how the search began
In 2020, a climber named Griffin Post read the story of Washburn’s lost camera. After that, he decided to find him. After that, Griffin combed through old base camp photographs for 18 months. After that, he started searching using GPS. But it was not easy to do all this on a moving glacier 50 km wide.

the mission was not easy
These people then took the help of Dora Medrzyka, a doctoral student in glaciology. “Before traveling to the region, we had access to satellite data,” Medrzyka said. We’re trying to estimate how far glaciers have traveled in 85 years, but we only have data for part of that. Medrzyca said the walsh is a rare “growing glacier” that can periodically accelerate 10 to 100 meters per day, compared to a typical glacier, which has a relatively constant speed of less than one meter per day.

then the day came
It was not until day 6 of the team’s second visit to the glacier in August this year that Medrzyka found success. He saw a long strip of debris that was very far into the glacier except for two gaps. After that, his team got the cameras.

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