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Now you have to travel by train, this country has banned many flights; that’s the reason



France has obtained permission to ban short-distance domestic flights. The European Commission has approved a decision that will eliminate flights between cities connected by a train journey of less than 2.5 hours. The decision was announced on Friday. The changes are part of the country’s 2021 climate law and were first proposed by the French Citizen Climate Conference.

France is also cracking down on the use of private jets for short trips to make transport greener and fairer for the population. Transport Minister Clement Boone has said the country can no longer allow the super-rich to use private jets as the public makes cuts to deal with the energy crisis and climate change.

Initially, the ban will only concern three lines between Paris Orly and Nantes, Lyon and Bordeaux where there are real rail options. If rail services improve, this will be extended to more routes, including travel between Paris Charles de Gaulle and Lyon and Rennes, as well as between Lyon and Marseille. Do not currently meet the ban criteria as trains to Paris and Lyon airports do not allow passengers to arrive early in the morning or late in the evening. Connecting flights will also have to follow these new rules.

Although this law came into force last year, it will take some time for the ban to be implemented. The measures must be subject to public consultation and scrutiny by the State Council, Bunen explained. He said it would be done “as soon as possible”.

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