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Nuclear war is coming! Russia’s shocking revelation set alarm bells ringing for America



Moscow. During the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made a big statement on Tuesday regarding nuclear weapons. He said the development of ballistic missiles, submarines and strategic bombs will continue. Because all these weapons will protect the sovereignty of Russia. Apart from that, Defense Minister Shoigu said, “We will continue to develop nuclear weapons and also maintain its combat readiness, because nuclear weapons have been and will continue to be a major reason for Russia’s security. . Let us tell you that Russia has repeatedly issued warnings about the use of nuclear weapons.

Ukraine will also increase the combat capabilities of the aerospace forces
At the same time, Sergei Shoigu said: “We will also increase the combat capabilities of the aerospace forces. Where modern aviation security systems work, improvements will be made in the case of unmanned aerial vehicles, fighter jets and bombs. Explain that Russia has appointed Colonel-General Alexander Lapin Chief of Staff of the country’s army. The state-run TASS news agency reported on Tuesday on its performance in Ukraine despite major scathing criticism.

Rabbit was criticized for the defeat of the Russian army from the city of Liman.
Lapin, a former commander of Russia’s Central Military District, was ousted last October by aggressive allies of President Vladimir Putin after Russian forces were driven out of the eastern Ukrainian town of Liman, a key logistics hub. There have been numerous reports in the Russian media about former Commander Lapin. But neither confirmed nor denied by the Kremlin.

War bloggers have mixed reactions to Rabbit
There were also mixed reactions from influential Russian war bloggers, who often criticized Moscow’s wavering military efforts in Ukraine. A former leader of pro-Russian forces in Ukraine’s Donetsk region questioned Lapin’s credentials as a commander and blamed him for a heavy Russian defeat near the city of Kharkiv last year. Strelkov posted on Telegram on Tuesday criticized Lapin.

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