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Ocean Cyclone ‘Ian’ has hit Florida! Waves on the boom, weather service issued warning



Strong points

Under the influence of ‘Ian’, the wind blows at a speed of about 220 kilometers per hour.
‘Ian’ has become an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane in the United States
Strong winds and heavy rain began a day after ‘Ian’ hit the western tip of Cuba as a dangerous major hurricane

Miami: In the United States, “Ian” has become a very dangerous category four storm that is about to reach the west coast of Florida. This information was given by meteorologists. The United States National Hurricane Center in Miami said at 5 a.m. Wednesday that the wind was blowing at a speed of about 220 kilometers per hour under the influence of ‘Ian’. He said “Ian” is currently centered about 125 kilometers west-southwest of Naples, Florida.

He said ‘Ian’ was moving north at a speed of 17 kilometers per hour. For this reason, a potentially dangerous storm warning has been issued for the Tampa Bay area from Bonita Beach on the province’s densely populated Gulf Coast.

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A day after ‘Ian’ hit the western tip of Cuba, a dangerously large hurricane, high winds and heavy rain began to pour in.

Approaching the west coast of the Florida peninsula, the storm disrupted power supplies before intensifying over the Gulf of Mexico, affecting more than a million people.

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