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Oh my God! Before the flight took off, the person opened the emergency exit door, the passengers’ breath was blocked, then…



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A person in America opened the emergency exit door before the flight took off.
The incident is from Los Angeles International Airport, later the police arrested the man.

New Delhi. Many people think that traveling by plane is risky. Be that as it may, nowadays many incidents related to the behavior of the passengers of the flight are highlighted. Such an incident occurred in the United States of America (USA). Where the lives of other people seated in the flight were in danger due to the action of a passenger. A man in America has been arrested for allegedly opening the emergency exit door on a flight (Man Opens Plane’s Exit Door) and activating the escape slide.

According to Fox News, the incident happened Saturday at Los Angeles International Airport. The unidentified man was on a Delta Airlines flight to Seattle. Los Angeles Airport Police said the passenger, wearing a red and navy striped sweater with black pants, ran to the front of the flight. As we were escorting him to the gate, he asked the stewardess, “What can I do now?”

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Those on the flight said he did not sit down despite being repeatedly asked to sit down by the flight attendant. He ran to the flight’s emergency exit door, turned the latch, opened the door, and activated the emergency slide by sliding it down. This incident forced the plane to stop. According to, the flight was delayed 3 hours due to this incident.

Passengers said the man jumped behind a luggage cart, where baggage handlers held him until airport police arrived. According to CBS News, the airline said in a statement that “Delta Flight 1714 operated from Los Angeles to Seattle was forced to stop before takeoff due to an unruly passenger.” The airline said in a statement that the passenger was ejected from the flight and taken into custody. After the incident, the person was also taken to a local hospital for a mental examination.

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