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OH MY GOD! Purse and ID were stolen from school, found after 40 years, this story is very interesting



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A woman in Canada received her school ID after years.
The woman got her purse and ID card after 40 years.
He was found while digging a fence post behind a house.

School identity card found after 40 years: Everyone keeps and cherishes school mementos and belongings from school days. If one of these items is lost, only the person whose item is lost can pay the cost. A similar incident occurred in Canada. Where a 40-year-old woman’s school ID was recovered. Indeed, on April 13, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced the discovery and return of a purse containing the identity card of a student from 1981-1982.

The police department wrote how the owner of that ID card and purse, Lori, was contacted. When the police contacted him, he thought maybe there was a mistake or someone was playing a prank on him. “How can something from 40 years ago still exist and why is it coming back to the fore now,” the RCMP said in a statement. Well, it turns out the ID was found behind a house on Uplands Drive on March 27, 2023.

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Describing the incident, RCMP said when the homeowner was digging a fence behind his house, he saw a broken purse. Inside this purse, the owner found the identification card of a Wellington Junior High School student. Police changed the name for privacy reasons and told media the card belonged to Lori.

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Police said after locating Lori, they emailed a photo of her ID card. After that, Lori said of the whole thing, “I think my purse was probably stolen and the thief must have thrown it away somewhere.” All these years, I probably forgot about it. Lori then allegedly called her childhood friend and told her how her purse and her 40-year-old ID card had been found.

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