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OH MY GOD! The cigarette butt was found after the murder, the police had no other evidence, that’s how the mystery was solved after 52 years



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US police have solved a 52-year-old murder case.
A cigarette butt was found near the body.
After committing the murder, the killer smoked a cigarette and threw the cigarette butt into it.

New Delhi: The habit of smoking cigarettes is deadly. We all know this, but have you ever thought that with the help of cigarettes a case can be solved, that one a murder case too. It’s an incident that could be perfect for a murder mystery movie. Recently, a murder mystery was solved by US police after 52 years. That too from a used cigarette butt.

According to NBC News, a murder case of a 24-year-old Vermont teacher was unfolding in America. This is a 52 year old case. Police found used cigarette butts near the body. Thanks to the DNA sample found on the cigarette butt, the police solved this case after 52 years. Using this cigarette, the police were able to reach Rita Curran’s murderous neighbor. Who strangled him to death.

Rita was found dead by roommates in her apartment on July 19, 1971. The man identified as the killer, William DeRussy, lived with his wife two stories above Rita’s apartment. But at that time, he was never considered a suspect. Commander Jim Tribe of the Police Department’s Bureau of Detective Services said “Deruce and his wife Michelle gave an excuse saying they were home the night of the murder but hadn’t heard or seen anything.”

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After that, the case went cold, but by 1971 officers investigating the case had received a piece of cigarette butt as evidence. Who solved the mystery of this murder mystery today. After committing the murder, the killer left his wife and fled to Thailand to become a Buddhist monk. He returned to America in 1974 and was living in San Francisco. He later used drugs in 1989 and died in a hotel in San Francisco.

However, in 2014, the cigarette was subjected to DNA processing. A DNA test revealed that a sample on the jacket Rita was wearing on the day of the murder matched Derus’ DNA. Fifty years after the murder, investigators have tracked down William DeRusse’s wife, Michelle, to ask further questions about the case. Detective Lieutenant James Tribe said: ‘He gave us an interesting statement. Michelle said her husband came out of the apartment the night of the murder to “walk to calm down” after the fight. He also told her that if the police questioned her again about that night, she would be lying.

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