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Oh my God! The flight was supposed to go to Portugal but reached Spain; Passengers leaving later by bus



Dublin. A shocking incident has been revealed in Europe. In reality a flight was supposed to go to Portugal, but this ship reached Spain. Later, with great difficulty, the passengers were sent to Portugal after crossing the border by bus. You might not believe it after hearing all this. But these sixteen annas are true. This whole incident was shared by the passenger on board the flight on his social media handle.

According to the British newspaper Mirror, this flight belonged to Ryanair. A passenger named Barry Masterson said he was to land in Faro, Portugal. But in reality, he had reached Malaga, Spain. It’s not that it’s the passenger’s fault that they accidentally boarded another flight. On the contrary, it was all the flight’s fault.

157 passengers on a bus
Barry claimed that this flight departed from Dublin. But didn’t land in the pharaoh as expected. After that, all 157 people were forced to sit on the bus. After a five-hour journey, the passengers were deported to Portugal. Barry also claimed that all passengers had to sit on the same bus. Not only that, they were all forced to sit in another bus at the border.

Why was the flight hijacked?
A statement was later released by the airlines as to why such a mess happened. According to this, the flight had to be diverted due to the French air traffic control (ATC) strike. The airlines said it was completely out of their control. It is said that because of this strike on September 16, many flights had to be diverted to other cities.

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