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Oh my God! Wildlife Officials Killed 30 Pythons, You’ll Be Surprised To Know The Reason



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Florida wildlife officials have killed more than 30 pythons
The agents used another type of equipment to kill them.

Washington: A very chilling video came out of Florida. In a video posted online, a wildlife officer is seen killing dozens of pythons. This incident is from last Thursday. It was said in foreign media that this video is from Sunrise Reptiles Facility, in which more than 30 pythons were killed. Officials also used another type of equipment to kill the snake.

According to the Miami Herald report, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officials were photographed killing these pythons. The video was shared by Snake Advocacy Group. It can be seen in the video that two officers take the snake out of the box and the other hits the snake on the head with a tool, it dies within seconds and blood begins to come out of its mouth. More than 30 snakes are killed this way.

The snake advocacy group said in a statement that authorities killed a total of 34 snakes. According to Reptile Keepers, officials were conducting raids here. Daniel Parker, a spokesperson for Reptile Keepers, said the female python named Boa was pregnant, she was about to give birth to around 30 to 32 babies in about a month. Each could be sold for up to $4,000.

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reason for the raid
According to Parker, snake owner Chris Coffey was banned from keeping Burmese and reticulated pythons in February 2021, the only ones allowed to be tagged by states. After the rule change, the agency had five months to find new homes for the 120 restricted reptiles in the collection. Chris managed to get rid of most of the snakes, but as the deadline approached, there were about 40 snakes left. Chris informed the FWC and asked for time. Chris had no choice but to keep his snakes at the Sunrise Facility, which is owned by Bill McAdams. McAdam said: “It was a big mistake and the FWC will have to pay the price. FWC has the power and no one has it and they are abusing their power. They trample on the constitutional rights of the people, and that is wrong.

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