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Oh my God! You will sweat to buy this mango, the cost of one is Rs 19,000, it can be ready in any season



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The most expensive mango is prepared in Japan.
The cost of a mango is 19,000 rupees.
It is prepared on the island of Hokkaido in Japan.

Tokyo: The most expensive mango in the world is produced on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. Hokkaido Island is located in Tokachi, the northernmost region of Japan. This very valuable mango farm is in Otofuke, owned by Hiroyuki Nakagawa. This mango is prepared in a greenhouse. The price of a mango is 19 thousand rupees or 230 for a dollar. Nakagawa packs the mangoes once they are ripe and sends them. Nakagawa has been growing this mango since 2011 in the frozen region of Tokachi, on Japan’s northernmost island. The cost of a mango is $230.

Nakagawa allowed fruit to grow during the winter months. The outside temperature in December is -8°C, but the thermometer inside the greenhouse hovers around 36°C, which makes the mangoes easy to ripen. A few years after Nakagawa built his farm, he registered his mango brand as Hakugin no Taiyo. Its translation is “Sun in the snow”. Hokkaido is a very famous island in Japan.

5,000 mangoes are ready any season
The Nakagawa collect snow during the winter months and use it in the summer to cool their greenhouses. Then in the winter, he uses natural hot springs to heat the greenhouse and harvests around 5,000 mangoes out of season.

I like mangoes but I also want to grow peaches – Nakagawa
According to Bloomberg’s report, Nakagawa, 62, ran an oil company before the mango farm. Nakagawa says, “Initially, no one took me seriously. I wanted to do something natural with nature. He started growing mangoes after many years working in an oil company. Nakagawa is still not satisfied. He loves peaches, which are known to thrive in warm climates. He says, “I like mangoes, but oh boy, I like peaches even more.”

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