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Omicron XBB.1.5 sub-variant has been wavering in the US, 85% of its cases in 1 week, experts say – it’s the fastest…



Washington. The war against the coronavirus is not over yet. The world is still waging a battle against this pandemic. Most of the world including India has removed the restrictions on this disease after which normal life resumes. Although governments are taking all measures to eradicate it completely. In such a situation, news from America has once again drawn worry lines on the forehead. Due to new variant of Corona virus in America, infection cases are increasing. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 85% of cases in the United States this week were for the XBB.1.5 subvariant of Omicron.

Citing case estimates, Xinhua reported that cases of the XBB.1.5 subvariant have been on the rise since late last year. In this, 79.2% of the cases occurred last week and 71.9% two weeks ago. According to the CDC, cases of XBB.1.5 variants are increasing in all regions of the country. At the same time, there is a BQ.1.1 variant, after which 9.4% of cases arrive. When the CDC started tracking the XBB.1.5 subvariant in November of last year, it accounted for less than 1% of cases nationwide. Since then, a boom has been registered in the cases of America.

more contagious than other variants
Preliminary studies suggest that XBB.1.5 has associated mutations that suggest it is more infectious than other strains, perhaps the most infectious variant ever discovered.

XBB.1.5 spreads easily, scientists said it is unlikely that due to this variant, more severe symptoms of the disease will be observed.

The United States remains the worst-affected country in the world with the highest number of Covid-19 cases and deaths.

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