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Only India can stop the Russian-Ukrainian war? America trusts PM Modi!



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The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for over a year.
America constantly seeks to restore peace by siding with Ukraine.

Washington. America has once again made a grand statement regarding mediation in the year-long ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told a press conference on Monday that while any country, including India, can play a role in bringing peace to Ukraine, America welcomes it. In fact, when Miller was asked if India or Prime Minister Narendra Modi could play a role in ending Russia’s long-running conflict with Ukraine, Miller replied, “India or any other country , which wants to protect the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine”. Bearing this in mind, if this can end the ongoing conflict with Russia, we welcome it.

US State Department spokesman Miller said the war with Ukraine was a strategic failure for Russia. Miller said that due to the war, Russia suffered losses of military personnel and equipment. He said the United States welcomes the international support Ukraine has received since the conflict began. Responding to another question about the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Miller said, “This war has been a strategic failure for Russia, with heavy losses in military personnel and military equipment.”

Miller claimed that Russia had seen its position in the world affected. Apart from this, Miller also claimed that the Russian economy has been affected due to the sanctions and export controls imposed by the United States on Russia. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said, “We welcome the international support Ukraine has received since the conflict began.

Recall that a little earlier, in June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden had expressed their concern about the conflict in Ukraine and had praised its “terrible and tragic” humanitarian consequences. In a joint statement, the two leaders called for respect for international law, the principles of the United Nations Charter, as well as territorial integrity and sovereignty.

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