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Overnight massacre in eastern Congo, rebels killed 36 people, know everything



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36 people were massacred in eastern Congo.
Many were injured in this attack and many are missing.
This whole affair concerns the village of Mukondi in the province of Kivu.

kinshasa, In eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo), 36 people were killed overnight. Some people’s huts were set on fire. Many were injured in this attack and many are missing. The army gave this information on Thursday. This whole affair is linked to the village of Mukondi in the province of Kivu. The military said the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and rebels affiliated with the Islamic State group carried out such a massive massacre.

According to the US News report, a resident of Mukondi village said the attack began around 7 p.m. Wednesday. The assailants armed with guns and edged weapons burst into the village and targeted people indiscriminately. People’s huts began to be burned, those who ran out of the house for their lives were immediately shot and some had their throats cut with knives. The rebels also kidnapped many civilians. Locals blame the weak Congolese army presence for the incident. Explain that the area is not completely covered by Congolese Armed Forces soldiers, so only the enemies come here and massacre people.

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The United Nations and rights groups have also accused ADF rebels of targeting, maiming, raping and abducting civilians, including children. In the town of Beni, Congolese army spokesman Captain Anthony Mwalushayi said the conflict in eastern Congo has been going on for decades as more than 120 armed groups battle for power. They want to increase their influence in the region, there is a lot of fighting over resources and some are fighting to protect their communities. The ADF has been largely active in North Kivu province, but has recently begun to expand into neighboring Ituri province and areas near the regional capital, Goma.

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