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Pak Billionaire Story: Death was defeated in 2019, but now the Titanic has swallowed it!



Washington: A Pakistani businessman was also one of five people who died in the tourist submarine Titan. Also earlier in 2019, he faced a similar gruesome scene. This incident also put his life in danger. Pakistani-British tycoon Prince Dawood and his son Sulaiman were among five people aboard the submarine that went missing near the wreck of the Titanic. It is said that this submarine was the victim of a deadly explosion in the depths of the ocean.

US and Canadian rescue teams completed the investigation on Thursday. They found a pile of debris near the crash site. The family of the Anglo-Pakistani father and son is in deep mourning. It also emerged that earlier this Pakistani tycoon also suffered a fatal accident while on board a flight. Prince Dawood’s wife, Christine Dawood, recalls the 2019 incident when the affair came to her life during a dangerous flight.

The scene was recounted by the woman in a blog
Christine described in a blog in 2019 how a flight changed her life when the plane pitched several times in a severe storm. He wrote this post titled “Living with Anxiety”, which was published by the Next Step Now website. In it, Christine says, “When they canceled our flight and put us on the next flight, I should have understood only then. We should have gotten that signal at the same time and should have gone home and had a good breakfast, but we did no such thing and this flight became the scariest flight of my life.

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He explained in detail how his plane had fallen three to five meters while jumping, which was very unusual. It is written in the blog post that from the start to the flight of the plane everything was unusual, only the seat belt sign was a warning. The plane suddenly began to descend. Later I had read somewhere that during turbulence the plane never descended below three to five meters, this situation hurt my heart. There was a scream throughout the cabin, which turned into a long silence followed by whispers.

I told God save me, I’ll quit smoking
She further writes: “The plane dived again and began to hitch a ride right and left. I felt like a grain of sand in a sack, or like a boxer who had lost a lot – and was receiving I grabbed the handles of my chair as if it could make a difference. She further says that then I made a promise to God: “Bring me to safe ground and I will never touch again a cigarette after today.”

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However, turbulence continued to occur in the plane and the pilots announced that they were trying to land the plane at another angle. She says sometimes right, sometimes left, then my head hit the window. Then there was an announcement, it was the captain of the ship telling us that he was going to try to land the plane from a different angle. The engine roared again and we reached altitude again. He wrote: “The thrust applied to slow the plane gave me a jolt as well and I came back to reality. We were saved. But I still couldn’t move. We had reached the ground safely, but I still felt like I had a noose around my neck.

Life gave no second chance
The small submarine, in which Prince Dawood was also on board, disappeared on Sunday when it went out to sea to view the wreckage of the Titanic. The wreckage of the Titanic lies two miles below the surface of the ocean and about 400 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The submarine had lost contact with its ship in less than two hours. US and Canadian Coast Guard ships and planes, along with a robot sent from France, searched 10,000 square miles of water for the vessel. This area was equal in size to the US state of Massachusetts. The Coast Guard said Thursday that an underwater robot discovered the wreckage area.

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