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Papua New Guinea PM praised ‘world leader’ Modi, says – will stand behind your voice in international forums



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Papua New Guinea’s prime minister has called Narendra Modi a “world” leader.
Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister has said he will support India in international forums.
Prime Minister Marape said Pacific countries are victims of a global power game.

Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that Pacific island nations regard him as the leader of the “Global South” and support India’s leadership in international forums. Highlighting the problems faced by Pacific Island countries, James Marape said that “we are victims of a global power play… You (PM Modi) are the leader of the global South”. We will support India’s leadership in global forums. James Marpe said that “inflation is rising in small economies like ours due to issues such as the war between Ukraine and Russia.”

According to a report from the Hindustan Times, James Marape said that ‘these countries sitting in front of you are struggling with huge fuel and electricity costs. The countries of the Pacific Ocean and we are suffering from the game of the big nations in terms of geopolitics and the struggle for power continues there. Urging Prime Minister Modi to become an active voice for small island nations at international forums like the G20 and G7, James Marape said, “You are the voice that can bring our issues to the highest forums. Where advanced economies discuss issues related to economy, trade, business and geopolitics.

Those whom they considered their own, they did not support…India became the aid of PACIFIC countries during the Corona period, Prime Minister Modi said in Papua New Guinea

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, James Marape, said that “on this occasion where I co-chair and speak on behalf of my younger brother and sister countries in the Pacific region. While our territory may be small and sparsely populated, our region and our place in the Pacific region is vast. That the world uses for business, commerce and travel. Urging Prime Minister Modi to become an advocate for Pacific nations, he said “we want you to be an advocate for us.” As you attend major international meetings and continue to fight for the rights of small emerging countries and emerging economies.

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