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Pentagon praised India, said India is a great example for countries receiving defense aid from us



Washington. The US Department of Defense’s “Pentagon” said India is a “great example” among countries that choose US defense assistance. Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder also said the United States is aware that some countries that buy Russian or Soviet-era weapons also want to maintain relations with Moscow. He told a press conference in Washington on Tuesday: “Many countries have defense relations with Russia.” Furthermore, it is a sovereign decision for each country.

Ryder was asked if there were any concerns about the United States sharing with Russia any information or technology shared with those countries. To that, he said, “Many of these countries have purchased Russian-made or Soviet-era equipment in the past. Because of this, they can have any type of relationship. From a defense cooperation perspective, certainly from a US perspective, I think US defense assistance is much more reliable in terms of inducing capabilities.

“And that’s something that we continue to discuss with various partners and allies around the world…we’re certainly keeping an eye out if they choose to purchase these types of systems,” Ryder said. India is a great example.

Defense trade between India and the United States was almost negligible in 1997; it now exceeds $20 billion. India has been criticized by U.S. Republican and Democratic lawmakers for abstaining from voting at the United Nations while refraining from condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

US officials have also expressed concern over India’s purchase of the S-400 missile system from Russia. Despite strong objections from the United States and warnings of sanctions from the Joe Biden administration, India has refused to reverse its decision and is moving forward with the purchase of the missile defense system.

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