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People forgot to laugh here, how to smile… Now they are learning by giving money, you will be surprised to know the reason



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The people of this country have forgotten to laugh and smile.
People go through training to learn to laugh.
This happened due to the Covid outbreak.

New Delhi. Laughing and smiling are symbols of human happiness. But what happens when a person forgets to laugh and smile. It is certainly a surprising thing, but such a case is happening in a country where people have forgotten to laugh and smile. This country is Japan (Japan Smile), where people have forgotten to laugh and smile.

According to the Daily Mail report, Japan may have removed Covid restrictions, but people who have worn face masks for many years have forgotten to smile now. The fear of Covid has taken hold in people’s minds in such a way that people are still unable to remove the mask from their face. This caused people to forget to laugh because of wearing masks for a long time.

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Many people worry about smiling
Many fear that their smile no longer looks authentic, while others are eager to show the lower half of their face to the world again. People take various measures to bring back a bright smile on their face. Many people turn to experts to rediscover their sense of humor. Speaking to the Japan Times, ‘smile coach’ Miho Kitano said: “I’ve heard people say that even if they are able to take off their mask, they don’t want to show the lower half of their face. face because they no longer know how to smile.

Kitano said his company, the Smile Facial Muscle Association, has seen its business skyrocket as people seek to rediscover their pre-pandemic enthusiasm. The ‘Smile Trainer’ gives his students exercises to help them get their smile back and look fabulous. Smile trainers do exercises to teach people to laugh. In addition, during training, the cheek muscles are made flexible with exercise, so they can help show teeth. Kitano says she has so far taught 4,000 Japanese to laugh again.

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Company launches to spread smiles again
Keiko Kawano from the Smile Education Trainer Association said: “Traditionally, smiling and showing teeth is not considered so good in Japan. Here, people can speak in Japanese without moving too much. Keeko says, “Since the start of the Covid outbreak, it has been felt that the happiness rate in the country is going down. People started smiling less than before. It was very disturbing. Because of all these problems, companies that teach laughter have been created here.

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