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People panic after receiving mutilated bodies of cats, head and claws missing, terror of serial cat killer



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Several corpses of mutilated cats found in the Japanese city of Saitama
The first body of a brown-spotted cat was found on the banks of the Arakawa River in the city

Tokyo, In the past 10 days, several mutilated cat carcasses have been discovered in the city of Saitama in Japan, sparking fear among its residents and prompting authorities to protect young students from the potential cat killer. been inspired to step up safety measures in schools. According to a CNN report, the first carcass of a brown-spotted cat was found on the banks of the Arakawa River in the city, where a woman found the severed head and claws, while the rest of the body was found. found on a nearby road. . In mid-February, police found the jawbone of a cat on the grounds of an elementary school, tied to a piece of string and hanging from playground bars, reports Vice World News.

Additionally, at the end of the month, residents found two more mutilated cat carcasses, one in a field and the other on a street in Saitama City. In recent years, a murderer has been imprisoned in a Japanese city for torturing animals such as cats and posting videos of his actions online. In reference to the case, an official told Vice World News that it raised concerns, especially among parents, and said it was a dark time in Japanese history. He also said teachers have been asked to alert children if they see anything unusual.

And speaking to Japanese public broadcaster NHK, an 80-year-old woman said she felt “frightened and uneasy” after hearing about the cat killings. Since these bodies were also found near schools, teachers were told to take the children home and walk in large groups. Meanwhile, city police have stepped up patrols and are investigating cat killings as violations of Japanese animal protection law.

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