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People suffering from hunger give their lives! Kim Jong issued a dictatorial decree



Pyongyang. The increase in suicide cases in North Korea remains a concern for the government. More recently, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered local authorities to ban suicide. Speaking to Radio Free Asia, an official gave the information. He said that although the exact death figures have not been released as the government has kept the data confidential, but according to intelligence department estimates, suicides in North Korea have increased by around 40% per year. compared to the previous year.

In his order, Kim Jong Un called the suicide a “treason against socialism”. At the emergency meeting, it was ordered that local officials who have failed to prevent suicides in their area be held jointly accountable. North Hamgyong was mentioned during this emergency meeting, where a whole family had committed suicide. At the meeting, data on the number of suicides was also provided. Meanwhile, while speaking to Radio Free Asia, an official said those present at the meeting were “shocked by the revelation of the suicide note criticizing the country and the social system”.

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Another Ryanggang official told Radio Free Asia that suicides affected the community more than starvation. The officer further explained that despite several prevention policies that prevent suicides, the officers are unable to provide an appropriate solution. Most suicides were due to extreme poverty and starvation. Meanwhile, according to 2019 data from the World Health Organization (WHO), there were 8.2 suicides per 100,000 people in North Korea.

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