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People taken from the mosque at gunpoint, called and said – keep the ransom if you are not ready..



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The incident in Jamfara, the northwestern state of Nigeria
Armed men abducted dozens of people from the mosque
Armed gangs very active in northwestern Nigeria

Maiduguri. A major incident is emerging from Nigeria’s northwestern state of Jamfara. Gunmen abducted dozens of people who had come to offer prayers at a mosque on Friday. This information was given by the Nigerian police. Armed gangs are very active in the northwest region of the country, where they commit robberies and kidnappings for ransom. The small numbers of security forces often fail to stop their attacks.

Jamfara police spokesman Mohammad Shehu said an unknown number of people were abducted from Jumu’at central mosque in Jugu town in Bukkuyum region, according to the news agency. Reuters. Jugu is located 170 km west of Gusau, the capital of Jamfara State. He said the state police command sent security personnel for the search and rescue operation with the help of the military and outposts.

Ibrahim Aminu, who was present at the mosque, said the gunmen hid their weapons under their clothes and joined people praying in the mosque and posed as ordinary people. He said that shortly after entering the premises of the mosque, he drew his weapons and opened fire in the air, forcing people to flee to hide. The armed men removed dozens of namaz prayers and took them by force to an undisclosed location.

Mohammad Booker Jugu, a local citizen, said his 22-year-old brother was also among those abducted. The gunmen then used his brother’s phone to call him and told him to keep the ransom ready. The Nigerian military last month launched an airstrike against armed gangs known locally as bandits. So far, dozens of people have been killed in these attacks.

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