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PHOTOS: Russia or America… who has more nukes, what’s India’s number? the third name will surprise



Russia has the most nuclear weapons, Russian-Ukrainian war,

Russian President Vladimir Putin again hinted at the use of nuclear weapons on Thursday. According to the Forbes report, Russia has the largest number of nuclear weapons in the world.
Sarmat RS-28

President Vladimir Putin has said the delayed Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile will be deployed this year, following a year-long Russian-Ukrainian war. This is the same RS-28 Sarmat liquid-fueled missile that has been dubbed Shaitan-2 by Western analysts.

According to the Forbes report, Russia has 5,977 nuclear weapons. The United States has 5,428. China (350), France (290), United Kingdom (225), Pakistan (165), India (160), Israel (90) and South Korea North have 20.

The United States provided approximately $47 billion in military assistance to Ukraine between January 24, 2022 and January 15, 2023. That’s more than any other country. Recently, Biden announced $500 million during his first visit to Kyiv.
federation of american scientists

Russia has more total nuclear weapons than the United States, but the Federation of American Scientists believes they have no readiness for deployment or use. Citing NATO and US aggression, Putin repeatedly threatened nuclear annihilation.

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