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PK found on the road in Florida, when the police came to arrest him for wandering naked, he said – “I’m from another planet”



Florida: You must have seen the movie PK, in which Aamir Khan says he came from another sphere and comes down to earth naked for the first time. One such PK has now been found in the city of Florida, USA. Indeed, a 44-year-old man was arrested on the road to Florida. The person is accused of wandering naked in public places. When he passed the store, local residents notified the police and when the police arrived on the scene, they contacted the man and questioned him. The man told the police he was from another world.

According to foreign media, the man initially refused to give his name and address to the police and claimed he had no identity card or mobile phone number. The defendant later told the police the whole truth, he said his name was Jason Smith and said he lived in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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The police registered a complaint against him for a total of 3 charges. He said the reason he was naked that he forgot to keep his clothes somewhere. Please say that the information about this incident was given on March 8th. A Tabu’s employee called the police to inform them that a naked man was walking past the store on the 200 block of Worth Avenue. Hearing this, the police arrived at the scene and began questioning the accused.

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