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PM Modi gave Indians good news on H-1B visa, 10 big things from his speech



Washington: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s highly anticipated speech to a nationwide gathering of Indian diaspora at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington DC began with international singer Mary Milben performing India’s national anthem . Slogans of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’ echoed as Prime Minister Modi arrived to deliver his farewell speech after the historic state visit to America.

Thanking the community for coming in large numbers, Modi said, “In a way, you drew the whole map of India in this room. I can see people from all over India here. It seems that a mini-India has appeared. America During my stay, I received unprecedented love and affection. Let us know the 10 big things from PM Modi’s speech…

Prime Minister Modi further said in his speech, “It has been four days since I came to America, during these four days I met many people including President Biden.” The one thing that has given me the most confidence is the partnership between India and America. Our partnership can change the destiny of the world in the 21st century. There comes a time in every country’s development journey when it sets a new goal with new energy. Today, India is also going through a similar period.

He added: “75 years of our independence have come to an end and we, the 140 million people of India, are committed to a developed India. We provide permanent solutions to problems that have lasted for decades… We empower India’s poor. We improve the comfort of life.

Prime Minister Modi said: “In the post-epidemic world, the economy, inflation and supply chain are not in good shape.” However, amidst all this, India is advancing with a growth rate of over 7%. It didn’t happen by itself. Today, the era of reforms continues in India.

Prime Minister Modi further said in his speech, “We have overcome the fiscal deficit and the ever-increasing capital expenditure.” Our exports and our currencies are increasing. Other than that, we are setting new FDI records. Over the past two years, American companies have invested around $16 billion in India.

Prime Minister Modi said, “The partnership between India and America in the defense sector reached a new height during my visit. Yesterday, when I spoke about it in Congress, the thunderous applause from the whole House could not stop.

He added, “This partnership between India and America is in the interest of both countries. It is also in the interest of the peoples of both countries. That is why it is also necessary to strengthen it. Many historic steps have been taken for this. In these days, concrete talks have taken place regarding the future of Indo-America. We decided to follow a clear strategy. There is a direct message to businesses, businesses, makers and innovators in both countries – now is the time.

Prime Minister Modi said: “I am happy that Indian companies are investing billions of dollars in America. Indian companies are going global. Indian companies are working in many US states and this will benefit American youth and farmers. The partnership between America and India is in the interests of both countries and in the interests of the peoples of both countries.

He further said in his speech that in the greatest crisis in 100 years even in this pandemic we have seen that when the world needed medicine India increased its production and sent medicine to more than 150 countries. That too at that time, when the world was afraid to even step out of the house. The world needed the corono vaccine, India increased its production and delivered the vaccine to over 100 countries. Our heart is big, our commitment to world peace is even bigger.

Prime Minister Modi added: “Today a new university is being built every week in India, today an Atal Tinkering Lab is being opened every three days in India.” Today a new college is being built in India every two days, today a new ITI is being built in India every day, today a new IIT and a new IIM are being built in India every year.

Prime Minister Modi added, “India is the mother of democracy and America is the champion of modern democracy. Today, the world sees the partnership of two great democracies grow stronger. America is our largest trading partner and export destination.


FIRST POST: June 24, 2023, 08:01 HST