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PM Modi was seen clapping with Biden, what are those drinks after all? Know everything



Ginger drink: President Joe Biden hosted a state dinner on Thursday during Prime Minister Modi’s state visit to America. A very good chemistry was seen in the mutual relations between the two politicians. After dinner, the two (PM Modi and Joe Biden) were seen clapping with drinks in hand. In fact, these drinks (Toast) were for better relations between the two countries. However, these drinks of the two politicians remain a topic of discussion around the world.

President Joe Biden has been clear on drinks. He said there was no alcohol in his drinks. He said: “It’s a good thing none of us drink alcohol. But many wonder what was in the drink, if not alcohol? In fact, this drink is called Ginger Ale. It is a very beneficial drink for health.

Ginger ale is a non-alcoholic carbonated drink. Ginger is mixed like that common soft drink. It is a ginger-flavored drink. In many places it is drunk directly. But sometimes it is also mixed with other drinks. This drink is drunk in two ways, the first regular or golden and the second dry. Preservatives like citric acid and sodium benzonate are also used in ginger ale. People also use this drink to relieve nausea.

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During PM Modi’s State Dinner at the White House, his favorite menu was prepared. The state dinner menu included pickled millet, grilled corn kernel salad, compressed watermelon and hot avocado sauce. Stuffed portobello mushrooms, creamy saffron infused risotto were included in the main course. Sumac Roasted Sea Bass, Lemon Yogurt Sauce, Crispy Millet Cake and Summer Squash were also included.

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