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PM Modi’s visit to the United States: the prices of hotel rooms and plane tickets have risen in Washington



Washington. American Indians are very excited about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to America. Hundreds of people from across the country are gearing up to come to Washington DC next week to participate in various travel-related events. Because of this, prices for hotel rooms and air tickets have suddenly increased. Although no one knows the exact number of visitors, thousands of American Indians plan to attend the historic reception at the White House on the morning of June 22.

Several community organizations such as the “Federation of Indian Associations” have organized special bus services that will bring community members from New York and New Jersey areas. Buses from multiple cities in New York and New Jersey will depart early June 22 to travel to the White House in the morning, in time for the reception. Hundreds of Indian-Americans plan to gather in Lafayette Square Park across from the White House to welcome Modi on June 21. The Indo-American community will host a dinner for the Prime Minister on June 23 at the Ronald Reagan Building.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first state visit to the United States is likely to be a turning point for relations between the two countries and both sides are working on a solid outcome document that could include issues that will shape the contours of the bilateral relationship for the decades to come. . Prime Minister Modi has been invited by President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden for an official state visit. His visit will also include a state dinner on June 22.

Prime Minister Modi will leave New York for Washington on June 21 after taking part in International Yoga Day celebrations. Prime Minister Modi will address a joint meeting of the US Congress on June 23. Prime Minister Modi will address the US Congress for the second time. He will be the third world leader, excluding Israel, to address the US Congress twice.

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