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Political crisis in Peru – Protest escalates in Peru, 53 people are dead, heavy police forces are deployed in the capital



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11,800 police have been deployed in Lima
At least 53 people have died since the start of the movement.
The protests began after the ousting of former President Pedro Castillo

Lima, Thousands of police have been deployed in the capital Lima after hundreds of protesters marched downtown amid ongoing violent protests in Peru. Violent clashes took place in the southern city of Arequipa. According to the CNN report, the number of people dying daily in this protest which started after the political upheaval is on the rise. At least 53 people have died and 772 others have been injured since protests began in Peru in December, the national ombudsman’s office said Thursday.

Since the ousting of former President Pedro Castillo, there has been constant conflict between security forces and protesters. According to reports, the government has announced a curfew in the southern region of Puno to quell violent protests following ongoing clashes between protesters and security forces. However, despite the curfew on Thursday, demonstrators marched in many places and demanded the resignation of President Dina Boluarte. The demonstrators demand the holding of general elections as soon as possible.

Police attack with weapons
General Victor Sanabria, head of the Peruvian national police for the Lima region, told local media that 11,800 police were deployed in Lima, who occupied key places such as the parliament, the prosecutor’s office, some television stations , the Supreme Court and the army headquarters. Authorities have been accused of using excessive force against protesters, including firearms, in recent weeks. Autopsies of 17 civilians killed in protests in the town of Juliaca revealed gunshot wounds.

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