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Portugal has become the new base for Khalistan terrorists, an important clue for intelligence agencies



Lisbon. According to important information received by Indian intelligence agencies, Portugal is becoming a new base for Khalistan terrorists. From there, a plot is hatched to feed the Khalistani separatist propaganda. To execute the Khalistan terrorist plot against India, now like Canada, America and Britain, the Khalistan terrorists have established their new operational base in Portugal. Criminals operating in Punjab have received arms shipments from Portugal in recent months. According to intelligence sources, the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI provides weapons and money to Khalistan terrorists living in Portugal.

According to intelligence agencies, these weapons are smuggled from Portugal and sent to other states in the country, including Punjab. Where they are used to carry out criminal activities. According to information shared by intelligence agencies, recently a Khalistan terrorist living in Ferozepur, Punjab was given weapons like AK-47, MP-5 machine gun, hand grenade and pistol by ISI. This terrorist lives illegally in Portugal on a tourist visa. The ISI gave him the responsibility of delivering these weapons to the criminals operating in Punjab.

Significantly, Khalistan terrorists living in Pakistan, Canada and Britain constantly conspire to spread violence in the state by including criminals active in Punjab in their group.