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President of France justified this statement by PM Modi to the UN, know what the whole deal is



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The President of France spoke at the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.
The French president said Prime Minister Modi rightly said now was not the time for war.
During the meeting with the President of Russia, Prime Minister Modi said that now was not the time for war.

New York. During the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, the French president supported Prime Minister Modi’s remarks within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. French President Emmanuel Macron says India’s Prime Minister Modi was right when he said now is not the time for war, not to take revenge on the West or pit the West against the West. East. It is time for our equal sovereign states to rise to the challenges before us. During the SCO conference held in Uzbekistan, Prime Minister Modi said about the Russian-Ukrainian war that today is not the time for war. Ways of peace must be found.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said – I am also aware of your position and concerns regarding the conflict in Ukraine. We want this all over as soon as possible. We’ll keep you posted on what’s going on. At the same time, Russian President Putin told Prime Minister Modi that I know your position on the conflict in Ukraine. I am aware of your concerns, which you keep talking about. We are doing our best to stop it as soon as possible. Let us tell you that after that, the US government and the media fiercely praised Prime Minister Modi.

The US Secretary of State had said that the fact that the leaders of India and China are expressing their concerns about the war in Ukraine to Russian President Vladimir Putin shows that the world is concerned about this attack. At the SCO conference, Prime Minister Modi said India and Russia are working together. Expressing his gratitude to both Russia and Ukraine, he said that thanks to the cooperation of the two countries, we were able to rescue the students trapped in Ukraine from our country. I am grateful to both countries for that.

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