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President Zelensky’s popularity is declining in Ukraine! People are distancing themselves from his Telegram channel – Read the inside story



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Ukrainian president who shared moment-to-moment update on Telegram channel upset over drop in subscribers
The number of subscribers to the official Telegram channel of Vladimir Zelensky fell by a third
Last week, 10,372 people unsubscribed from President Vladimir Zelensky’s channel

Kyiv, During the last 8 months of the Russian-Ukrainian war, people saw Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky talking to the world all the time. During this time, his actions were appreciated everywhere, thanks to which people’s inclination towards Ukraine was noted during the war. However, it is now claimed that Zelensky’s popularity has fallen sharply. Ukraine’s president, who usually shares instant updates on his Telegram channel, is troubled by falling subscribers. According to a report by the Russian news agency Tas, the number of subscribers to Zelensky’s official Telegram channel fell by a third. In this report, citing data from TGStat, it was said that there is a decrease in the number of people listening to the President’s words.

people have lost interest
According to TGStat, Zelensky’s subscriber count began to increase dramatically in late February, crossing the 1.5 million mark by mid-March. However, later people’s interest in his channel gradually began to decline, due to which the number of subscribers decreased in August. Zelensky’s popularity has dropped significantly over the past week.

Disappointment of more than 10,000 people in one week
Statistics from TGStat show that 10,372 people unsubscribed from the channel in the last week. Due to so many unsubscribed channels, that figure has gone from 1.5 million to 997,782 now. Let us tell you that in Ukraine and Russia, Telegram has been used more widely to reach people than any other social media site. Many see Zelensky’s decline in popularity as a link between Russia’s lag in the war and the crisis of power.

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