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Prime Minister Modi says in Sydney – ‘Geographically distant but we are very close to all these things’ won the hearts of overseas Indians



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Amrit Mahotsav of Independence was also celebrated with great fanfare in Australia
People living in Australia are associated with Diwali lights, Baisakhi and more
After the Indian Ocean, Yoga, Cricket, now tennis also connects us

Sidney. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed a large number of Overseas Indians in Sydney, Australia. With his speech in America, the Prime Minister has done the job of spreading his popularity not only in Australia but also around the world. He warmly mentioned the mutual and friendly relations between India and Australia and said that I am glad to know that you all celebrated the Amrit Mahotsav of independence with great fanfare. Our cricket relationship ended 75 years. The more interesting the competition on the cricket pitch, the deeper our friendship off the pitch.

Addressing the huge gathering, Prime Minister Modi said that we are geographically far apart, but the Indian Ocean connects us. Yoga connects us and no one knows since when we are connected to cricket. Now tennis also connects us. Referring to Delhi and Lucknow food, he also said that food may be prepared in a different way here but we are connected to the master chef.

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He also mentioned Diwali festival in his speech and said that we are related with Diwali lights, Vaishakhi and many other things. We are associated with schools in Bhasha, Telugu, America and many more. He described the people of Australia as having a big heart that accommodates all diversities.

Referring to the streets of Australia and their squares, he said that here Parmata Square becomes Parmata Square, Harris Park becomes Harish Park. Referring to Harish Park Chowk, he also remembered the chaat there, Jalebi of Jaipur. Laughing, I told people to take my friend Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia, there too. He also mentioned a place named Lucknow in Sydney and said people should also come here from Lucknow in India.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said I am very happy to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi here. My first year as Prime Minister is what I celebrate today. I met my friend PM 6 times but nothing better than standing with him on stage like this, glad I had PM Modi here. But I have to say the warmth and energy here tonight is unmatched.

In a community broadcast in Sydney, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that there was a time when the relationship between India and Australia was said to be based on the 3Cs (Commonwealth, Cricket, Curry). After that, it has been said that the relationship between India and Australia is based on 3D (Democracy, Diaspora, Friendship). Some people have also said that the relationship between India and Australia is based on the 3Es (Energy, Economy, Education). This may have been true at different times as well.

But the extent of the historical relations between India and Australia is much more important than that. The basis of these relationships is mutual trust and mutual respect. He also said India was not lacking in capacity. India is not lacking in resources either. Today, the biggest and youngest talent factory in the world is in India.

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