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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s grand statement on UK-China relations says ‘golden age’ of relationship is over



London: In his first major foreign policy speech on Monday night at the Mayor’s Banquet in London, Britain’s Prime Minister said he wanted to “evolve” Britain’s approach to one of Europe’s biggest economies. ‘Asia. He also criticized China’s human rights record. However, he acknowledged that the UK “cannot easily ignore China’s importance in global affairs”, so his approach would be one of “resolute pragmatism” in the longer term.

Sunak, referring to the statement used during the Conservative Party government led by David Cameron some seven years ago, said: “It should be clear that the so-called ‘Golden age’ Gone is the naive idea that trade will lead to social and political reform,” he said, “nor should we rely on simplistic Cold War rhetoric. We believe that China presents a systemic challenge to our values ​​and interests, a challenge that is getting worse as it moves towards ever greater totalitarianism.

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Sunak criticized China for anti-lockdown protests in the country and the arrest and assault of a BBC journalist over the weekend, saying that instead of listening to people’s concerns, the government decided to act. “The media and our lawmakers should shine a light on these issues, including the abuses in Xinjiang and the restriction of freedoms in Hong Kong,” he said.

“Of course, we cannot easily ignore China’s importance in world affairs for global economic stability or issues such as climate change,” Sunak said. America, Canada, Australia, Japan and many others also understand it. So together, we will manage this intense competition with diplomacy and partnership.

Sunak, who became British prime minister last month, has been criticized for his soft stance on China during the Conservative Party leadership race. His first major foreign policy speech seems to have been aimed at dispelling such a perception.

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