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Prisoners in these countries have the freedom to meet their partner in a private room, there is no surveillance



New Delhi: Intimacy is a very important part of life and this is true for anyone – whether free or behind bars. It is very difficult to maintain normal relationships while incarcerated, especially if your loved one is out. According to a report published on the international website “Vice News” based in New York, in many European countries prisoners are allowed to meet their partners in private rooms inside the prison. However, the UK prohibits such visits inside the prison. Instead, some inmates in prisons across this country are allowed to go home to see their families no more than once every 14 days. Most of them are prisoners who have been sentenced by the court for a crime.

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Laura Beasley, communications manager for the NGO Prison Advice and Care Trust, told Vice: ‘House visiting facilities are very limited and are generally reserved for low-risk prisoners, those who are very close to the end of their sentence.” According to the report, research shows that conjugal visits strengthen inmates’ family bonds and improve their quality of life. It was also said in this research that such meetings are permitted in US prisons. In this regard, the policy of each State is different. Inmates are only allowed to meet with their partner or family in state prisons with low rates of violence.

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A 2012 study found that “coupling visits” inside prisons were a powerful way to encourage inmates to perform their best behavior, reports Vice. This gives them the feeling of not losing their fundamental rights. In Belgium, inmates inside prisons are required to meet their partners to prove that they are legally committed to a relationship. When this happens, prisoners are allowed to meet in a private room without any supervision. These meetings take place in a studio inside the prison, where there is more privacy than in a regular meeting room. Belgian law allows a married prisoner two hours of visitation with his partner in a private room per month, but in some cases these facilities are more generous.

What is the psychological effect of meeting a partner in prison?
But inside prisons, it is not very pleasant for inmates to get a private room from their partner or family. ‘VICE Belgium’ also wrote an article about the sad experience of meeting a prisoner and her boyfriend inside the prison. The inmate has been in prison for more than 7 years – first in the city of Mons, then in Birkendale. Birkendale Prison allows married inmates to meet their partner for 4 hours twice a month. She and her boyfriend do their best to keep their relationship alive, but the prison system inevitably takes a toll on them.

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The prisoner told VICE Belgium about the experience of meeting her partner for the first time inside the prison: “It was very scary. The eyes of other prisoners, guards and staff were similar to mine when I entered the room. Other prisoners were shouting, making obscene remarks. The floor was wet in the private room, a sofa and a bed were lying, which were in very bad condition. It was dirty. Staying inside there was noise and comments from outside. People laughed when they saw him when he came out. No matter how many installs you get, the fact is, you can’t win against the prison system. Meeting the partner inside the prison is psychologically very painful.

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