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Professor fired for drawing Prophet Muhammad’s portrait in America says actions are Islamophobic, know what the problem is



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Professor sacked for showing 14th-century painting of Prophet Muhammad
Professor Erika Lopez Prater fired from university after objection by Muslim student

Washington, Hamline University has fired a professor after a Muslim student objected to a depiction of the Prophet Muhammad in a global art curriculum. In this case, the assistant art professor’s lawyers said to file a complaint. In her lawsuit, Professor Erika Lopez Prater alleged that Hamline University subjected her to religious discrimination and defamation, and damaged her professional and personal reputation, according to a report by the AFP news agency. .

Lawyers for Professor Erica Lopez Prater said in a statement that, among other things, Hamline, through her administration, has called Dr Lopez Prater’s actions unquestionably Islamophobic. Comments like these, now in news around the world, will cause more problems for Dr. López Prater in his profession. Lawyers for Lopez Prater said Tuesday that a copy of the lawsuit had been sent to Hamline University and would soon be filed in court. However, Hamline University President Phineas Miller and Ellen Waters, chair of the board of trustees, issued a joint statement on Tuesday saying they were reconsidering their decision.

apologized for calling the professor’s work Islamophobic
In the statement, the university said that, like all organizations, it also sometimes takes wrong actions. Based on all the facts, the university determined that the use of the term “Islamophobe” was erroneous. Let us tell you that last October, Lopez Prater showed a 14th century painting of the Prophet Muhammad in a lesson on Islamic art. For many Muslims, visual depictions of the Prophet Muhammad violate their faith.

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