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Protests in Israel: Israelis rage against new law, people take to the streets, Prime Minister Benjamin is also charged



strong points

Millions of Israelis took to the streets ahead of the 75th Independence Day.
Opposition to the takeover of the judicial system by the Benjamin Netanyahu government.
Allegation- The Supreme Court will be weakened by the new law and a dictator will be born.

Israel protests new Supreme Court law: Israel will celebrate its 75th Independence Day on May 5 next month, but instead of this joyful atmosphere, a wave of protests is unfolding across the country. In fact, millions of Israeli citizens took to the streets against the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. News arrives that thousands of government workers are also preparing to strike in protest against the Benjamin government.

anti-corruption law

In fact, last year, on December 22, Benjamin Netanyahu once again took office as Prime Minister of Israel. Since then, the government he leads has been accused by opposition parties of changing several controversial laws and a judicial overhaul proposed by parliament to overhaul the judiciary to protect the prime minister. Critics say this law from the Netanyahu government will end the important system and balance that keeps their democratic country strong.


Israeli police clash with protesters. (AP)

People on the streets against Netanyahu’s new laws

People believe that the government does what it wants. For this reason, a dictatorial system of government will be born in the country and democracy will die. The government passed the law in parliament without taking into account the people protesting in the streets. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government has approved a bill that would protect an Israeli leader on trial for corruption and conflict of interest from disqualification from the government, according to Reuters.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu protests the new law. Benjamin blocked the road with a freeway bonfire on Sunday to protest the dismissal of the defense minister. (AP)

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