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Putin’s favorite swimmer fled the country, won gold 5 times



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Putin’s favorite synchronized swimmer Anastasia Davydova has fled the country.
Synchronized swimmer Anastasia Davydova won five medals.
Last year he received Putin’s Order of Merit.

New Delhi. Vladimir Putin’s favorite synchronized swimmer, who waved the Russian flag at the 2012 London Olympics, has fled the country. Anastasia Davydova, 39, a five-time gold medalist and current secretary general of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), surprised the Kremlin by joining thousands of people at the border in the wake of Putin’s mobilization order. His decision is linked to Putin’s war in Ukraine, but he has yet to issue a statement on the move. A pro-Kremlin outlet criticized the decision and attacked swimmer Davydova.

Likewise, a top Russian judge has quit the country’s constitutional court. Because most sections of the country have abandoned their dictator president. Konstantin Aranovsky has resigned at the age of 57, reports the Daily Mail, even though the official retirement age is 70, and the Constitutional Court will soon consider the legality of Putin’s impending annexation of Ukraine . Olga Brusnikina, vice-president of the Russian Synchronized Swimming Federation, said “everyone is shocked” by Davydova’s sudden departure.

Davydova waved the Russian flag at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, where she also won gold. She won gold in 2004 in Athens, 2008 in Beijing and is a 13-time world champion. Davydova received Putin’s Order of Merit last year, and her decision to leave Russia is a major symbolic blow for the Kremlin leader. In 2019, he hosted them at the synchronized swimming center in Russia, which bears his name.

His anti-war decision, Putin’s move to war and his recent mobilization are another sign of domestic turmoil. “Anastasia Davydova, five-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming, has left Russia,” announced the assistant general producer of the Match TV channel, Vasily Konov.

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