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Quad Meeting: Quad conference will no longer take place, meeting canceled after Biden cancels Australia tour



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Australia canceled the Quad meeting because of America.
President Joe Biden has canceled his trip to Australia.
The quad meeting was scheduled to be held on May 24 in Sydney, Australia.

New Delhi: Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced on Wednesday that the quadruple meeting due to be held next week has been cancelled. Albanese said the Quad summit in Sydney next week would not take place without the US president. Let us tell you that due to the debt crisis in America, President Joe Biden had announced the cancellation of his visit to Australia. After Biden’s announcement, there was news of the quadruple meeting being canceled. The quad meeting was scheduled to be held on May 24 in Sydney, Australia.

Albanese, however, said the leaders of Australia, the United States, India and Japan would instead meet at the G7 in Hiroshima later this week. India and Australia are not part of the G7 group of seven rich countries – the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States. But he has been invited to attend the summit, which is due to be held from May 19-21.

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Anthony Albanese told a press conference: “There will be no quad leaders meeting in Sydney next week.” Although we will discuss between the leaders of the Quad in Japan. He said a bilateral program with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Sydney could still take place. A decision could be taken soon on the Indian side on this subject.

The Australian Prime Minister said: ‘We are talking to the Quad leaders today. We will make further announcements on this, but Prime Minister Modi will certainly be a guest here next week. In November 2017, India, Japan, the United States and Australia met for a long time to establish the “Quad” to develop a new strategy to keep the vital sea lanes of the Indo-Pacific region free. of any influence amid China’s aggressive stance. give shape to the pending proposal.

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