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Quitting Navy Job and Starting New Business, Start Selling Home Videos Online, Fans Make Weird Requests



In the desire to get money, people are ready to go all the way. The popularity of such people also begins to increase rapidly. Today we are going to talk about one such woman, who makes porn videos and uploads them to the OnlyFans website. This woman is none other than an officer of the American Navy. The woman’s name is Taylor Gunner, who is 29 years old. You will be surprised to know that this woman earns more in a month by uploading her videos than she earned in 1 year when she was a Navy officer.

Taylor Gunner, a resident of Missouri, USA said that in 2021, after leaving the Navy, I decided to start a different career. I started making hot videos in my own style, which people really liked. Sometimes I used to tie the hair on my head with my socks, and sometimes I adopted another style. Fans loved all of these looks. However, I learned a lot of things in Marine (Navy). That’s why I focus more on military theme content. Maybe because of this, people on Onlyfans also ask me to scold them. I feel like my male fans really like strong women. That’s why they want to scold me or take orders from me.

Taylor said that a fan once asked me to dress like a pig and lay down in the mud. I also said that I should also be seen snoring. I told my friend Alexa about it and she said it could be fun. In such a situation, I gave the character of my mother-in-law to Alexa and introduced myself as a pig. I also liked doing that. However, this wasn’t the first such request with Taylor Gunner, but her fans keep making even more dangerous requests.

Let us tell you that Talon Gunner, who was an X Marine officer, has over 294,000 followers on Twitter, 129,000 on Instagram, and over 80,000 followers on Tiktok. She works hard for the sake of her fans. According to Taylor, she works 5 days a week and uploads 15-20 new videos a month. Taylor said that while I was living in the Navy, I made more here in a month than I made in an entire year.

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